No Dig Lateral Sewer Rehabiliation & Repair: The CIPP Process

The cured in place pipe rehabilitation ( CIPP) takes just hours from start to finish to complete. The problematic drainage pipe is lined in place with a brand new pipe that will last for decades to come.

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation can certainly help you avoid the disruption and costs associated with the traditional method of repair which involves digging up your yard to replace your damaged pipes.

We can repair your damaged sewer lines without tearing up your landscaping & driveway!

Are You Experiencing Sewer Backups or Blockage Problems?

With our CCTV inspection camera and 2 decades of experience we can inspect, diagnose & locate problems with your drainage systems.  With the use of our specialized pipe cleaning tools, we can remove blockages caused by roots, grease, scale and other debris and return the pipe to its original diameter.

Unlike the the traditional sewer auger (snake) that only makes a small drainage hole in your blockage while leaving the majority of the debris in place, the cutter and flusher used by Down Under Pipe Inspection is a superior method.

We clean and clear the blockage in its entirety returning the pipe to its original diameter and allowing proper drainage in your lines saving you from having to make frequent calls to the plumber.

Are You Buying a New Home?


Did you know that although a home inspection is an important and prudent investment it does not cover an internal inspection of the waste water drainage system?

A CCTV sewer inspection will show you the condition of the sewer lines in the home. It is a step that could save you trouble and money down the road as you will be fully aware of the existing condition of the sewer system avoiding an unexpected and costly sewer back up.

We are able to inspect and locate sewer systems connected to septic tanks as well as homes connected to city sewers. Call Down Under Today! +1250-938-1213