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Do you live in a house built prior to 1970?

Do you live in a house built prior to 1970? Chances are you are one of the many people who have Cast iron piping as part of your plumbing system. Cast iron pipe is prone to reoccurring blockages due to the rough interior of the pipe wall allowing debris and other material to stick to the pipe wall slowly causing a problem.

Because of its metallic properties, cast iron pipe will inevitable rust from the inside out causing the pipe to rot out and form large holes. Avoid unexpected blockages and floods! If you have cast iron pipes there is a good chance your pipes look like this…

Fortunately, Down Under Pipe Inspection Ltd. will record video of your failing cast iron pipes (see pic above) and fix your problem using our state-of-the-art, no dig solution! CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) is a new technique that relines old cast iron pipes! Look at the same pipe after rehab!

The truth is most people assume that their drainage lines are good until something backs up…but if you live in a home built prior to 1970, there may be more problems than you think!

Down Under can inspect your pipes, and work with you to reline your old, corroding cast iron lines quickly, and without any costly (and annoying) digging up of your yard!

Call us today before it’s too late!

How to Prevent Sewer Issues – Part 4

Your hard-earned money will be saved:

“A yearly camera inspection is a great way to save money. Finding small sewer drain problems early will allow a certified plumber to fix them quickly and without major repair costs. On the other hand, if you neglect to inspect your sewer drain, you just might have a nasty surprise waiting on you in the future. So instead of waiting, why not have those sewer drains inspected today and save your money?”

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How To Prevent Sewer Issues – Part 5


“When sewer drains become old they will often begin to sag. This can cause paper and other solid waste to settle in the bottom of the drain line. Over time this can cause the flow to be reduced. Slow drains can have other complications including over flowing toilets which can be a messy situation.”

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Are You Experiencing Sewer Backups or Blockage Problems?

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